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So what’s in the name? Nevontaii (pronounced Nev-on-tay), was inspired by the name of an ancient tribe from the small area of Galloway where we were brought up. Finding a name that had significance to us was really important. In the small area of Galloway, there was an ancient tribe called the Novantae. Little was really known about these people and there are no real historical records about them. This sparked and idea for us – we decided that these people were pretty much like us. They came from the same area and nobody really knew much about them. Living in Stranraer as kids, we always felt that we were pretty much the forgotten ones! We used to think that no scouts would ever come to this area looking for talent and we felt that unless we put ourselves out there no-one would ever discover us!

The Novantae tribe were also strong minded, strong willed and not afraid to face a challenge in tough times. This resonated with us and what we envisaged our brand to be. We wanted Nevontaii to be a symbol of what life can be. A new chapter. After all, life for us is about being ambitious, creative and having vision. We had discovered our ‘Get Up and Go!’, just as they had done all these years ago. From them on, that was our motto and our drive to create a brand that we could be proud of.

We also wanted to pay tribute to our roots. On each swing tag and on many of our products, we have decided to put not only our motto but also a reference to where it all started. The numbers and letters that you will see, show where it all began – the small town of Stranraer in the south-west of Scotland.

We’re passionate about our brand as well as our origins. We hope that as more people discover Nevontaii, that they too will love what we’ve created. We hope that when you wear a Nevontaii piece that you feel confident and that you wear it knowing what’s in the name.

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