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Our Ethos at Nevontaii

Anything is possible


This is something that we truly believe in and coming from a small town in the South West of Scotland many might believe that this motto is nothing more than a dream.

Throughout our childhood we were brought up to believe in our dreams; to reach for the impossible and turn it into our possible.

Growing up, our lives have have taken us on many different paths. While Marie followed her dream of teaching, I chose to follow my love of BMX.

Between us, we have travelled the world, achieved amazing feats, dared to do the unthinkable and all along, strived for a life that many others would long for.

Nevontaii™ clothing is the next chapter in our journey. A fashion brand and style that can easily translate from casual street wear to chic night out.


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Our brand name was derived from the name of a powerful, ancient tribe – the Novantae. These people were, in some ways, not unlike us; strong minded, strong willed and not afraid to face a challenge!

We want Nevontaii™ clothing to be a symbol of what you can be. Life is about being ambitious, creative and having vision.

So what can we say? What are you waiting for? Get up and go!

Kriss Kyle & Marie Lockwood

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