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Anything is possible, right? Well that’s what we’ve been brought up to believe. From the first minute that I got my first BMX when I was 10 years old, I knew right there and then that this was it. This is what I loved. Not school, not out in the town but riding. And this is where my dream began.

Some might think that coming from a small town in the middle of nowhere that dreams of becoming pro weren’t possible but I wouldn’t believe it. My mum and dad had always tried their best to help me chase my dreams, even taking me to Sheffield for my first comp. They always had my back even though I gave them a pretty hard time by not turning up for school (not good when all your family work there!!). They stuck with me though and have helped to shape me and my brothers and sisters into the people we are today.

I’ve travelled all over the world since chasing my dreams and have achieved things that most people thought were impossible. Challenge is what I live for. I’m always looking for that next adventure!

In 2020, my sister and me were talking about setting up our own businesses. To keep it short, Nevontaii was born. Driven by style and a passion for extreme sports, we wanted a brand that not only looked good but meant something to us. We decided on the name (which came from an ancient tribe called the Novantae who used to live in our area years ago). They were pretty unknown by most yet were driven by passion and power. We felt that they were an inspiration.

Nevontaii is a new challenge. The clothes are designed to look and feel good and thought and attention to detail has been put into each and every one. We chose to use the grid reference of where we grew up as part of our logo on the sleeve of our tops. It’s not much of a thanks to our parents, but it’s a start for all they’ve done for us and to show them that they were right, anything is possible if you want it enough!

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